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19th-Apr-2035 04:24 pm - Friends-only!

Original picture: Friends or foes by vannizz. Nick and Ellis are kickin' major ass!

Also, this journal is semi f-locked. Because what lies beneath is something so sinister, you'd shit your pants. That's right, you'd be shitting corduroy. Or denim. Or cotton. With buttons.

If you don't care, or if you are pretty like-minded then feel free to comment and add. :D And tell me which group you'd want to be in! There are currently 3, doll, BL (uhh, that's a euphemism for.. y'know) and Left 4 Dead 2! (Because I've been playing too much and I bet people on my flist are bored of my shenanigans now LOL.)

But for now, welcome!
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20th-Jan-2012 02:27 pm - Should start my dream journal again!

I dreamt about Mass Effect! 8D

So I was Shepard. I'd destroyed the Reaper colony past the Omega 4 relay (just like in my game!) and I headed back to the Citadel to relax.

Found Kaidan there and we talked! It was super heartbreaking cuz in my game my Shepard was romancing Kaidan and he doesn't like that she's joined with Cerberus! So he was super sad when we talked and he was talking about the good ol' days and everything (like the apology letter sobbbb).

Then the Citadel came under attack by the collectors for some reason HAHA OTL. And I was fighting them with Kaidan when I got hit and was barely conscious. Kaidan tried to protect me but one of the Collectors got possessed by the general (to become the harbinger???). He said to give me up if they didn't want the citadel to be attacked. D: And well, Kaidan did! QmQ so I got taken away and the Collectors started attacking the citadel anyway..

Then I woke up HAHA and was all "OMG KAIDAN." Then fell asleep again LOL.

And my dream continued hehe. I dreamt I was one of the residents in the ward when the place got attacked so I was trying to escape with the rest but... It was a lost cause and I died. D:

THE END. Super freaky dream!

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13th-Jun-2011 12:54 am - Writer's Block: Back in the day
Is there anything you did when you were younger that makes you laugh or blush when you remember it?

Oh my god lots of things.

But the one I remember most is when I was about 8 or something?

I was terribly scared of the dark when I was a kid (blame it on my dad and all the movies he made my bro and I watch sob), and my grandma's house sort of heightened that fear because after around 10 p.m the only lights on in the house were the room lights and the altar lights in the living room. The altar lights were red and they casted weird shadows on the Goddess' face. It was a torture going into the kitchen to turn on the light because the red lights gave an eerie aura to the living room (even though the Goddess is supposed to be benevolent, etc HAHA), and the only way to the kitchen is via the living room and passing by the altar.

I had a habit of sleeping late and eating at night even when I was young because my grandparents totally spoiled my brother and I LOL. We were threatened with the rotan a lot but we were allowed to sleep whenever we wanted and by that time I was sleeping at around 12 a.m HAHA.

I am totally digressing sob. Anyway. I'd usually get hungry at night and ask my grandma to turn the kitchen light on for me, but my grandparents were already both fast asleep then and I didn't want to wake them up so I asked my brother to accompany me as I scurried to the kitchen and quickly turned the light on.

That was the easy part. The difficult part was turning off the lights and running back with the loot (kaya buns! :D). I hated doing that because I had an active imagination and in my mind the 'things' won't hurt you when you're in the light LOL. And the thought of running in the dark back to the lighted area was horrible to me. My brother, being an immense asshole, chose that moment to run back to the room, abandoning me. ): I panicked, grabbed the bag 'o buns, switched off the light and was gonna sprint to the room when I realised that I grabbed it the wrong way round HAHAHA. So all the buns fell out and I was just, groping in the darkness for the buns, feeling fucking terrified. I scooped them up quickly and bolted to the room and the light HAHA. And then I yelled at my brother. But... Kaya buns! They're delicious after an adventure!

Worst story ever lol!  ;u;" 

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15th-Feb-2011 12:47 am - All is well!
Changed my icons!


And for all of you who don't have a tumblr, Happy Valentine's.... wait it's over LOL.


Click for bigger! ♥
wally/supes love ♥
18th-Nov-2010 08:59 pm - Season to be jolly
As with all of my F-list...


Here's the format because it must look nice lmao:

Name: (It'd be on the envelope lmao)
Current favourite character: (PG-13 PLZ)
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23rd-Aug-2010 04:27 am(no subject)
Yay done!
Thanks to iseijin_chan  for the lyrics help. :X

I realise that I'm crossposting from my Tumblr but.. OH WELL.

Art under the cut!Collapse ) 
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12th-Jul-2010 06:03 am - my spanish boys ♥

They totally and utterly deserve it.
For playing such beautiful football.
And for being the most awesome people in the world!

And of course a mention to the Dutch, who fought well.
Felt so sad for Sneijder, who looked so dejected! And Kuyt too!
(Not for Robben though, I can't feel sad for him. :\)

Congrats to the Spanish bbs for their win! Viva España!
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Guys, guys, GUYS.

JFC who cares what the Octopus predicts? You shouldn't base your happiness on the predictions of a sea creature, I mean, in the World Cup, the better team wins. England lost to Germany because they played very badly, no one can deny. Brazil lost to Netherlands because Filipe Melo was an idiot who reacted wrongly to Robben's superb playacting and kicked out at him, earning him a red card and causing the self-destruction of their team. Argentina lost because.. Well, Germany was a better team. 

If Spain wins, it's not because the Octopus predicted it, it's because they were better than Germany in that game! The Germans played superbly but the Spanish side triumphed because they. Were. Better. (Okay so there might be wrong decisions throughout the games but never in any side's favour) It was unlucky that Germany was picked for a match against Spain in the semifinals instead of the finals (where it should have been) but well, it's over, isn't it?

German fans shouldn't be cursing the poor cephalopod for predicting correctly, they should be consoling their team, and aiming for third place now! And seriously, they wouldn't be wanting takoyaki (even though it's delicious...) if they've actually watched the match y'know, the German team played very, very well and they should be proud of that instead of blaming their team because of a prediction!

I couldn't care less if the octopus predicts a Netherlands win, all I know is that my Spanish boys will do their best and if they lose, well at least they've tried! First time they've been in a World Cup final and it's such an achievement!

So stop blaming the poor Octopus. He's only hungry for mussels. ): Be proud of your team, no matter what place they get. Because you love them so much that you'd support them all the way right?
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How do you feel when an adapted film's story deviates from the original material?

If they cut parts from the book out from the films due to time constraints then I don't mind? It's perfectly understandable. Quite tough to follow the story closely and yet make it short enough so that people do not fall asleep or get bored. Especially if it's Hollywood lol. (Gone with the wind was 4 hours though, no one complained then haha. Everyone's attention span is getting shorter.... Oooh look shiny!) Personally, I'd have loved to watch a full adaptation of a book.

But if they deliberately changed parts of the book in the movie, like y'know, made someone a bad guy when he's not supposed to be... Well that's kinda annoying I think?

Take Faramir for example, captain of Gondor.

In the movie, he fell prey to the ring as his brother did and wanted to bring it to his father, Lord Denethor, so that he would look better in his father's eyes. He only changed his mind when they reached Osgiliath, where he let Frodo and Sam hurry off to Cirith Ungol.

He could not have been more different in the book though. :\ He was wise and shrewd, and he refused almost immediately to use it once he hears that it is in his grasp at Henneth Annun (lol cuz Sam let slip about it hurrr). The screenwriters said that they wanted more drama in the movie, to show how Faramir had triumphed where Boromir failed but... Meh. The reason why I like Faramir so much is because he was wise and fair and more like the Numenoreans than Boromir was. (Okay David Wenham is hot too and the relationship between the brothers in the movie is so awesome but... that's secondary HAHA)


The movie was so focused on Ron/Hermione that it got kinda annoying (I wanted them to focus more on the quest to kill Voldemort, I mean, hello, he's the main villain here?!) but that was still tolerable. I couldn't stand The Burrow burning down though because they were supposed to have Fleur and Bill's wedding later on in the 7th book! Like, WTF? LOL. Where are they gonna have the wedding now?! And they cut so many bits out of the movie (the pensieve parts) so that they can add that stupid bit about The Burrow burning. What is that. BU

.... The biggest offender is Percy Jackson though? >:C The movie really really sucked, but the book was actually okay. They cut out so many bits and they changed pretty much the entire storyline? I mean, Ares wasn't even featured in the stupid movie! And Luke couldn't have been the evil mastermind, he's just a freakin' kid. :\ He doesn't even belong to Athena's house LOL. I'm sure Annabeth could've seen right through his plan in an instant if it were him!

.... So yeah. I don't like it when they deviate from the book. The next adaptation I am really waiting for is The Graveyard Book, and I hope they don't change much of it, Neil Gaiman's stories should be left alone lol.

... Long entry is long. LOL.
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